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Show Season Must Haves

By Caroline Elik

April 2019

It’s April, and many regions have already kicked off their first shows of the year! Here are five of my personal show season must haves! 1. Shapley’s Show Touch-Up Spray

Anyone who has a horse with lots of chrome, like me, knows the struggle of keeping their legs and other white spots perfectly immaculate before heading into the ring. This stuff is perfect for covering up small stains or blemishes, and it also comes in a variety of horse coat colors! 2. Hanging grooming caddy

These are great for keeping all of your grooming supplies organized and in one convenient spot. You can hang them outside your horse’s stall, in your trailer tack room, or wherever you may need it! 3. Misting fans

It gets hot at horse shows, that’s no secret. These fans are small, light, and perfect for cooling off a bit before you go into the ring, or even if you’re just hanging out at your stalls. 4. Stall guards

A stall guard is a great way to let your horse get some air at a show. Some horses get easily bored being in their stall almost 24/7, and like being able to look out at all the sights and sounds. 5. A good attitude! This is always a show season must have! Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but it’s important to remember to pick yourself back up afterwards and keep trying! Remember that while horse shows are often stressful, you’re at the show because you love your horses and love competing – everything will be worth it in the end! Items can be found on Photo credit About the Author Caroline Elik is the Region 11 Youth Director


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