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National Volunteer Week Recap

An annual occurrence in the third week of April, National Volunteer Week is dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and showcasing those who serve their communities in a variety of ways. This year, AHA Regional Directors submitted volunteers from their region who go above and beyond to promote the Arabian breed within their local communities.

Mimi Gaffey

Region 1

Mimi Gaffey is a past director, longtime volunteer, and supporter of the Arabian horse! We appreciate all that Mimi does to promote the Arabian breed within her community.

Meaghan Shaffer

Region 2

Meaghan Shaffer is an active volunteer within Region 2's San Fernando Valley. Region 2 Director Nancy Goertzen says, "Meaghan has been instrumental in getting San Fernando back on it's feet and putting on lots of event, including an overnight horse camping trip!"

Marci Cunningham

Region 2

Marci Cunningham is an avid volunteer within Region 2 and the Endurance Riding community. Region 2 Director Nancy Goertzen says, "She spearheads the Region 2 Endurance Challenge and the Region 2 Championship Endurance Ride. People in the Endurance community appreciate all her hard work and dedication, as do I."

Lisa Kolke

Region 4

Lisa Kolke is known as a 'Volunteer Extraordinaire'! Region 4 Director Julie Hedden says, "My motto for here has always been if there's a will, she will find a way!" We appreciate all that Lisa does to promote the Arabian breed within her community.

Cassie Richard

Region 4

Cassie is reliable, dependable, and an all around fantastic volunteer! Region 4 Director Julie Hedden says, "When the call goes out for volunteers Cassie is always one of the first people willing to lend a hand."

Chris and Sonya Bickford

Region 4

Chris and Sonya Bickford are active volunteers within Region 4! Region 4 Director Julie Hedden says, "Chris Bickford and his wife Sonya have donated the most precious thing, their time and their talent, and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do."

Barbara Tibbs

Region 5

Barbara Tibbs is an active member within Region 5, founding the Emerald Empire Club with her sister Laurie in 2020. Region 5 Director Carrie Olson commented, Barbara and her sister Laurie "saw a need for a grass roots club in their area. Barbara also produced an online virtual horse show series."

Laurie Tibbs

Region 5

A Region 5 member, Laurie Tibbs is a staunch advocate for the Arabian breed. Region 5 Director Carrie Olson says, "Laurie helped start the Emerald Empire Club along with her sister. She is active in breed awareness and promotion in Region 5. Their efforts have truly been outstanding."

Melissa Townsend (left)

Region 6

Melissa is a member of Montana Arabian Horse Association, bringing enthusiasm and energy to the club. Region 6 Director Nancy Rohde says, "Region 6 and MAHA send a heartfelt thank you to Melissa for her dedication to the club, the region, and the Arabian horse."

Roz Gilbert

Region 10

Roz Gilbert is an active member and volunteer in Region 10. Region 10 Director Mary Smith says, "As a member of the Northern Minnesota Arabian Horse Association, she has served in various officer positions and as a Region 10 Delegate. She has managed our local horse show for many years as well."

Tracey Clement

Region 12

Tracey Clement is a Region 12 delegate, acting Region 12 Secretary, the VP of the Orlando Arabian Horse Clun, the Region 12 Youth BOD leader, and is actively involved in her 4H club. Region 12 Director Laurie Salmi says, "I absolutely could not function without her endless energy and support!" We appreciate everything Tracey does for the Arabian breed in her community!

Lu Ann Hoffman

Region 15

Lu Ann Hoffman always brings her work gloves with her! Region 15 Director Cricket Gates says, "Lu Ann can be counted on to do the hard work at Pennsylvania AHA and Region 15 events."

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