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Arabian Horse Life magazine is the ONLY Arabian horse publication that serves the entire membership of the Arabian Horse Association.  

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Stephanie Ruff

Managing Editor

Stephanie Ruff, previously known as Stephanie Corum, has been devoted to horses ever since reading Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion as a child. She started riding Shetland ponies at age eight and subsequently competed in a variety of disciplines over the years. Today she concentrates mainly on dressage and owns an Arabian/Dutch Warmblood mare and purebred Arabian filly.

Stephanie has a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky where her focus was on equine genetics. From there she moved onto the Arabian Jockey Club and the Arabian Racing Cup, where she became well-versed in the Arabian racing industry. She started her freelance writing business in 1998 and to date has written hundreds of articles for a wide variety of equine magazines as well as The Inside Track, a monthly newsletter for the Eastern Arabian Racing Alliance. She is also the author of two children’s books, Goats With Coats and Antics in the Attic.


In 2014, after the sudden passing of Arabian Finish Line editor Bobbi Patscheider, Stephanie took over the publishing and editing duties of the magazine. The companion internet podcast, Arabian Racing Radio, began in 2018.

In June, 2017, Stephanie joined the staff at the Arabian Horse Association as the managing editor of newly revamped Arabian Horse Life.



Marge Dixon

Sales Representative

I rode my first Arabian when I was 5 years old.  From there, the love only grew for the Arabian horses.  I got my first Arabian when I was 12 years old.  Echo (my little mare's name) and I rode everywhere together--even stopping at A & W stands for root beers.  Many days my parents saw me in the morning when I would leave and not again until late afternoon.  Some things never change---I am an endurance rider now and leave early in the morning and finish later in the day.  I compete all over the US and get to meet wonderful caring horse people.  I have worked at sales for the AHL magazine for close to 11 years now.  I love working with the people in the Arabian industry.  I have gotten to meet so many people in many different disciplines--it has made for a very exciting ​life.

Bev Brinson

Sales Representative and Graphic Designer

As a child, Bev would visit her cousins in Colorado, who had a very large ranch with lots of horses. She would sneak out at night to visit with them because she could not get enough time with them during the day. After one trip, she was trying to convince her parents to get a pony. It wasn’t working. So, she wrote a rather extensive business plan – researching the cost of feed and tack, cost of building a small barn, etc. But since her family was living on less than ¼ acre, it wasn’t really feasible.


She went to high school next to the Anheuser Busch Thoroughbred breeding facility that also had mini donkeys. Her parents were called more than few times because she got caught sneaking out to pet them.


When her older brother returned from college for the summer and brought his puppy, she found that she was drawn to dogs equally and a dog would fit. So, she changed her focus.

She has owned several herding breeds, but fell for the non-shedding poodle – funny, super smart, and athletic. She currently has three standard poodles. Esme, a 12-year-old rescue, Joey, an AKC Master Agility Champion currently ranked #2 in the country, and heading to the AKC Nationals. And Snoop, an adorable puppy in training.


In her spare time, she teaches agility, trains her dogs, and competes.


Bev earned a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her resume includes Hallmark Cards, Outward Hound, and many others. She self-published a scooter magazine and wrote the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motor Scooters.


In October of 2017, she joined the AHA staff as a graphic designer. She mainly focuses on the show programs, but since magazine work is in her blood, she also joined the Arabian Horse Life sales team.  

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