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Mountains and Valleys

By Makena Echenique

March 2017

Having a horse is full of metaphorical ‘mountains and valleys’. There are high points, and there are low points. Some days you’ll be on top of your game and pretty positive that you’re ready for Nationals. Other days you might feel like even the small regional shows would be a challenge. Nevertheless, your horse is still there. As a team, you’ll climb these mountains and descend into these valleys. Through my experience with my horse, Mikhailey’s Comet, I can clearly see the ranges of mountains we’ve climbed and the stretches of valleys we’ve crossed. Recently at Scottsdale, we climbed the biggest mountain we’ve come across together and we made it to the top by having a great show like I’m sure many of you had as well if you attended. I’m sure we’re bound to hit a valley, but we haven’t come across it yet. Although some mountains might be bigger than others and some valleys may be longer than others, we can always guarantee that our horse will be by us the whole time. About the Author Makena Echenique is the 2016-2017 AHYA Region 3 Secretary


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