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Managing Horses and School

By Gigi Hurst

December 2016

Many youth today are into equestrian sports. But, after some time, many youth find it hard to balance schoolwork and riding at the same time. It can be hard to find time to ride your horse, deal with all the home work and the drama of high school. Horses take a lot of time and hard work to ensure they are well cared for and everything else in between. Horses can teach you great time management, but it can still be hard to get that homework done after long days at the barn. Some days are more exhausting then others, but regardless everyday spent at the barn is tiring. As a high school student myself, I can relate to these issues. I know how hard it can be to balance horses with academics. Riding on the weekends can take the pressure off a little, but there is always that lingering pressure to get your homework done. It is always hanging around! In saying this, it can also be hard to find the drive to get out of the house and get to the barn. For many young equestrians, a trip to the barn can be a release from the stressful world of school and daily chorse. Between the constant 3-4 (or more) hours of homework every night and the daily chorses of cleaning your room and helping clean up or make dinner, it can really be difficult to get out to the barn, especially when it is far away. Many equestrians ride on the weekends so that they can get their homework done and help out around the house. I ride on the weekends most of the time, but I have noticed that by about Thursday I really need a break and it can be rough having to wait until Saturday. I know many other equestrians feel this way too.

So, to manage the daily house chorse and homeowrk and of course the horses, I have noticed that proper time management is key to getting everything done and still having time to have fun with the horses. Horses can teach you how to manage your time, especially if you have more than one to ride. They can teach you to not waste a second in the day. This can help you with the homework load by teaching you to get any work done in a timely manner, but still have it be thorough and detailed. These skills are a crucial part of growing up and making sure the daily tasks get done. When you get older and have to get a job and are still into horses, but have to work 9-5 everyday, time management can help make sure everything gets done, and it helps make time for the horses. So, in closing, it can be difficult to manage everyday tasks, homework, and horses, but always remember, your horses will always be at the barn waiting to see your bright and shining face! Happy Holidays to all, and make sure you give your Arabian Horse a hug! About the Author Gigi Hurst is the 2016-2017 Region 3 Youth Vice Director


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