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Every Little Girl's Dream

By Kailey Wessel

December 2016

It's what every little girl dreams for, you ask every year and one day you might receive it: a horse for Christmas! But how do you convince your parents it's the right gift to get you this year?

There are so many reasons a horse is beneficial to children as they grow up into young adults. By owning a horse at a young age, children are able to develop themselves into better future citizens. Having a horse builds character, creating more responsible, and more universally aware young adults. Kids are constantly required to take care of an animal and friend that is completely dependent on their love and dedication. Kids have to learn to read behaviors of horses which further helps them to read the behaviors of those around them as well. Children with horses are also more self aware and often more confident than children who are not involved in the equestrian lifestyle. Children learning to ride become more aware about their emotions, as they can translate to the horse that they are riding, and in turn, they learn to radiate confidence that may have been harder to find within themselves without their fuzzy four-legged partner. As kids grow up, the barn proves to be a safe place for them, and provides many role models and lifelong friends. Having people to look up to and to play with that share their same passions and interests, allows kids to grow up in a happier environment. As they grow into young adults, they are able to become the role model and friend they had as a child.

So if you think you might need some back-up this year as you ask for that Arabian horse, or any horse this Christmas, throw in some facts about the benefits of horses to seal the deal! Have a Merry Christmas, and go give your horse a Happy Holiday Hug!

About the Author Kailey Wessel is the 2016-2017 Region 3 Youth Director


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