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8 Resources to Prepare for the National Arabian Horse Hippology Contest

Hippology contests are a great way to introduce and educate youth about the Equine Industry. Covering topics that range from equine care to specific disciplines, competitors will need a wide range of knowledge to be successful at the National level.

Preparing and studying for a hippology contest is no easy task. Let’s look at the resources necessary to prepare a team for the Arabian Horse National Hippology Contest.

Horse Industry Handbook - A great all-encompassing resource. Chapters cover everything from reproduction to nutrition, barn safety to horse business management. This resource is a compilation of over 200 national professionals in the equine industry. This is an amazing resource for all things equine. A must have when preparing a hippology team.

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Horse Smarts - Packed full of information, this resource provides interactive activities that help students retain information. Horse Smarts is excellent for using during meetings to help create activities where youth can learn and study together.

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Equine Science - This all encompassing book simplifies all things equine. It takes most of the large topics covered in the previous two resources and simplifies the information while providing introductory vocabulary. This resource is a great way to focus on overarching themes.

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Arabian Horse Promotional Materials - The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) has produced a variety of promotional materials. AHA can send you a guidebook, that talks about the history of the breed, disciplines, and more. Plus, learn more about the anatomy and features of the Arabian breed with AHA's Ideal Breed Poster.

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Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms - This resource is all about terms. If you want to mix up your practice and focus on terminology this is the go-to book. It even provides illustrations to help you learn key words.

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The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy - Do you have some interactive learners? This book is great for those who process visually or actively. This book goes over all parts of anatomy and is created so you can color all the different elements in each section. This is an amazing visual resource.

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US Equestrian Rulebook - AR Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian Division – Specific to the Arabian horse, this is AHA's rulebook that provides all rules pertaining to shows.

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Native Costume Parts – Unique to the Arabian horse is the Native Costume Class! Make sure your team knows the components of the costume for this contest!

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