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4 Tips to Market your Horse on Social Media

with Kinsey Hamilton

State Your Horse's Strengths Let the potential buyer know what your horse can do. Is it a show horse or endurance? Riding or halter, english or western? This will cut down on questions later. Be up front about what age group your horse would be suitable for. Is it beginner safe or does it need an advanced rider? Would an adult amateur be a good fit or would it be better for a younger rider?

Outline the Pedigree State the horse’s sire, dam, registered name, and age. Provide additional pedigree information if possible. If the horse has any major accomplishments, state them in the ad.

Display Quality Photos and Videos Provide a short video and include clear, flattering pictures. No one is going to want to buy a horse off of a poorly shot video. Your video footage should be clear and stable so that the viewer can see all gaits clearly.

Use Multiple Media Sources Post on multiple social media platforms and in different groups within those platforms. The more your ad is out there, the more likely your new buyer will be able to see it. If possible, list price or at least a price range. That will save you a lot of emails or messages asking for price.

AHA members can post classified ads for their horses by using AHA's Marketplace. Learn more here.

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