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Capturing the Perfect Moment

Horses are beautiful animals and capturing the perfect photo of these gorgeous creatures is a must. There are many methods for getting the perfect photo of your horse, so keep reading along for some tips and tricks.

Make sure the horse’s ears are up in the photo so he looks more alert. To get his ears forward, try waving something in the air or make a crinkling noise to get his attention.

Position your horse properly to highlight and accentuate his body. Try standing up his front feet to be perpendicular to one another so that his stance is proper. This tip will be sure to make your horse look instantly more regal.

Have your horse perfectly groomed for his photoshoot so that he looks nice and clean in the photos. Optionally, a good bubble bath would make your horse look even better for his photoshoot.

If you want to be in the photos with your horse, be sure to find someone to take these beautiful photos for you. If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to capture some “framers”.

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