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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Ride

If you want to add a little sparkle to your ride, you can always add some bling to your show attire. There are many ways to stand out in front of the judges by adding a little shine - keep reading for ideas.

Bling Whip

If you carry a whip in your classes such as Show Hack, Side-Saddle, or Native Costume, one paved with bling on the top is a perfect addition to any outfit. Some specialty disciplines emphasize the appearance of the outfit, and you can add a little extra shine with a bling whip.

Hair Pins and Number Magnets

Hair pins are a great addition to add a little bit of sparkle to your hair. There are countless beautiful pins you can choose from in various colors, sizes, and styles to spruce up your bun. Another great addition to your outfit is bling number magnet, which you use to secure your number for an added touch of elegance. Be sure to secure your number with bling number magnets for an added touch of elegance. Both these hairpins and number magnets look beautiful when the sparkle hits the light during the ride.

English Suits

If you are an English rider, you can get away with using more bling than Hunter Pleasure riders. A bling tie bar, sparkly tie, and shiny vests are all ways to incorporate some sparkle into your ride. Have fun with choosing your outfit, but be sure not to include too much bling to avoid looking gaudy. Remember, a little sparkle goes a long way, and you don’t want to blind the judges or take away from the beauty of the horse that you are showing.

Additional Tips

Using Swarovski crystals when adding bling to your look is the best brand to use because they are truly the highest quality. If you apply any of the bling yourself, which is not recommended because jewels can fall off and look tacky without professional application, be sure to use a very high-quality glue to avoid any malfunctions in the future.

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