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Arabian Horses At Play - New Rhyming Children's Book

Another new Arabian horse-centric book is set to be available to the public in April. Long time Arabian horse lover, Michelle Laucke, wrote Arabian Horses at Play, I Could Watch Them Every Day - a rhyming book which introduces children to the magic of the Arabian horse.

“I have been horse crazy forever and fell in love with the Arabian Horse while reading Walter Farley's The Black Stallion series,” Michelle explains. “I've owned horses since I was 13 years old and Arabians since 1990. My love for the Straight Egyptian Arabian and Purebred Arabian was instant. My Arabian horse farm, Vudu Magic Arabians LLC, is named after my first purebred Arabian mare - Aspens Vudu Magic. I breed one to two foals every few years to raise, train, show and sell at the Egyptian Event as an Amateur Owner.”

The blurb for the book reads: “Arabian Horses at Play, I Could Watch Them Every Day describes the Arabian Horse as an ancient breed of horse over 4500 years old. Be entertained with this rhyming book about the Arabian horse’s history, characteristics and abilities while learning some horse terminology (dictionary page in the front) and seeing beautiful full color photos of Arabian horses owned by several farms in the United States. The story is a blend of easy rhyme phrases and some difficult words. Great for the 5- to 10-year-old to read to their younger siblings of all ages. Parents, there is an added QR code on the back cover that will link you to a YouTube video of Arabian horses at play. Four minutes of wonderful photos and video coverage of the same horses in this book. Continued entertainment over and over again after the book is read. A children’s book with a video bonus, see live coverage of these beautiful animals!”

​While at home on five weeks of medical leave, Michelle watched her Arabian horses at play every day and was inspired to share the joy this brought her with others. “This is when the story began in my head and landed onto paper,” she recounts. “My true love is horses. I've wanted to find a way to bring more interest to the Arabian Horse Industry for years,” she shares. “I own three Arabian mares and one filly. VMA Barr Farasha is my gray and oldest mare. I retained her two daughters, VMA Malakah Shakirah, who is black, and VMA Farasha's Amari, who is bay. Shakirah had a foal late summer 2018, VMA Asseefa Noufous, who is a chestnut. These are my horses of every color!”

Enjoying her own Arabian horse journey, Michelle felt passionately that the breed should be shared with others, and in particular, children. “I want the world to hear about the Arabian Horse and have the younger generations fall in love like I did whilst reading The Black Stallion,” she explains. “Perhaps my book will start a new following of this magnificent breed and help me stay home every day to work with my Arabian horses at play. I started the company Vudu Magic Publishing so I could self-publish this book and introduce more people to the Arabian Horse. I've already started writing two more stories to follow this one.”

Arabian Horses at Play, I Could Watch Them Every Day will release on April 2 and is a hard book cover with 32 pages of full color. Pre-orders are now being taken via the publisher’s webpage. Michelle will also be at the Midwest Horse Fair, April 12-14, with first edition copies for sale.

Congratulations, Michelle, on your upcoming book, and thank you for helping to share the Arabian horse with children in a fun and engaging way.

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