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Halter Shopping

Make sure that your horse has a stylish halter that shows off their personality. For inspiration, keep reading along.

Classic Leather Halter

The first halter that is always a classic option is a leather halter, with an option to add a name plate. You will be sure to not lose this halter at the cross-ties, as this added name plate is perfect for large barns that board a lot of horses. Additionally, these halters are perfect for show horses, as you can write their registered name on the halter. This option looks very nice and is great for any horse - not to mention leather halters are safe options when looking for halters to travel with, as they “break-free” easily.

Nylon Halter

Nylon halters are also great options for your horse. These halters come in various styles and colors, which is a perk for this choice. You can also add a horse’s name to the side of this halter by embroidering the side, which looks really nice. These halters are great options if you’re looking for fun colors, patterns, or styles.

Additionally, if you are a training barn and are looking for halters to match the colors of your barn, these are great options for you, as you can get matching ones for the entire farm. To ensure the horse’s safety, be sure to find a nylon halter that is “break-away” capable in case of emergencies.

Whether you choose a nylon or leather halter, have fun with shopping and be creative! Dress your horses in style by buying them the perfect halters for their personalities. If you choose the nylon route, don’t be afraid to branch out and choose a pretty color. Your horses will thank you for their new accessories!

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