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Lost and Found - A New Arabian Horse Novel by Wendy Tinker

Long time Arabian horse lover, Wendy Tinker, is set to release her debut novel, Lost and Found, the first book in the Jillian to the Rescue! series in the next few weeks. The Middle Grade/Young Adult adventure follows the story of the unhappy Jillian, who meets and forms a special connection with an Arabian mare at a difficult time in her life.

The back cover reads: “Jillian’s life is miserable. After her parents are killed in a car accident, she is forced to move to the bleak deserts of Arizona to live with a grandmother she barely knows and an uncle bent on some kind of weird revenge. She misses her parents desperately. It’s only when she secretly rescues a neglected Arabian mare that her life begins to turn around. Jillian learns about proper equine care and horsemanship and discovers that she has a knack for rescuing horses.

In Lost and Found, this first installment of Jillian to the Rescue!, we meet these two heroines and the people who will become family, friends, and enemies, while Jillian finds a way to talk her grandma into keeping the mare before her horse-hating uncle ends her dreams. Permanently.”

Though this is her first book, Wendy is no stranger to writing, having penned a series of articles for Arabian Horse World on equestrian real estate, as well as producing a plethora of written content in her professional life. Catching up with Arabian Horse Life, she was eager to share more about her book, which will be available digitally by January 31, and in print by February 20 - just in time for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show!

​(Emma) Tell us about yourself and your history with the Arabian horse. Who are the special Arabian horses in your life?

(Wendy) My love of the Arabian horse began as a teen when my parents bought me a Half-Arabian mare named My Fair Lady. She was beautiful and sweet, and we had a great bond. When I became an adult and could afford a horse, I bought a beautiful pinto Half-Arabian mare, and she drew me into the world of Arabian horses. Bargello Farms was born.

My first show horse was Drama Dot Com LRA. I saw her at Armstrong Arabians as a weanling and fell in love. I knew nothing about showing in Halter, but learned from Mike Neal how to get her attention and be respectful while maintaining some modicum of control. I had no idea that at our first horse show, the 2005 Scottsdale Arabian Horse show, that Drama and I would win the Half-Arabian AOTH Yearling class unanimously. That win fueled my horse show fire. Drama went on to eventually win many championships, including Reserve National Champion with me as a three-year-old and National Champion senior mares after I sold her as a six-year-old.

Dana Diego was another special boy. I got him to ride as a Hunter, and we were Top 5 in Region V. Diego and I had a great time showing around Washington State. Playing around one day, I learned that Diego had another gear I hadn’t found before so he went into training with Danielle and Quinton Des Fountain, who prepared him beautifully for Country Pleasure, and we won another Regional Top Five the following year.

In 2014, my sister and I purchased a beautifully bred colt we named Urban Legend ST. Legend did well in the Halter ring and produced two lovely foals for me before he was gelded. Legend is now leased by a young teen who is showing him in all kinds of under saddle activities.

I’m no longer breeding or showing. My love for the Arabian horse is focused on writing now, and it is extremely fulfilling.

​(Emma) What inspired you to write a children's book heavily involving Arabian horses?

(Wendy) I loved reading horse stories as a girl. I’d lose myself in the pages as I galloped across the plains, reveling in the feeling of freedom. The Black Stallion was of course an inspiration, though I read every horse author I could get my hands on.

I wanted to write a story that tells of the plight of unwanted horses in our country and shares, in a palatable way, the extent of this crisis. I believe that educating readers regarding proper horse care and how to handle emergency situations can help us stem this horrible flow into the slaughter pipeline.

I chose Arabian horses because they are the most beautiful, talented and intelligent horse breed, and Jillian needed a brave, strong companion to help her rescue other horses in need.

​​​​​(Emma) What is the release date of the book, how can Arabian lovers connect with you or make a purchase?

(Wendy) The first book in the Jillian to the Rescue! Series, titled, Lost and Found, will be released on February 1, 2019 as an eBook available on Amazon. The book will be available in paperback at or at one of several horse rescues who have offered to market them online by February 20, 2019. I will be signing books at the Healing Hearts Animal Rescue booth at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show beginning on the 21st of February.

I am donating 10% of my author proceeds to registered non-profit horse rescues around the country. My readers can feel content that their purchase is helping to save a horse!

The second book in the series, Who’s Saving Whom? is scheduled to print in the summer of 2019. It takes off right where book one ends as Jillian continues her adventures rescuing horses and friends.

Seeing our Arabian horses represented in the media is always a cause for celebration. Through her beautiful depiction of the

Arabian horse and their healing spirit, Wendy brings the breed to young adults in a way that is both educational and engaging.

To support Wendy and follow the progress of the series, sign up for the newsletter at Bargello Books, or connect with her through her Facebook page.

eBook available February 1st 2019 on Kindle and on iBook shortly afterward.

Paperback available February 20th 2019, via, and signed copies available from Wendy herself at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Check out the Events tab on her website to see personal appearances and book signings.

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