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Educational Resources

Looking to fine tune your horse knowledge and maybe learn a few new things? Don’t know where to start looking for information? Well, check out some of these resources to check out some great ways to learn more about your best friend.

1. Arabian Horse Life Magazine

Of course, this list can’t be started without acknowledging our very own magazine. Check out the print versions for things happening in the Arabian horse industry, but also other general horse information. Make sure to sign up for the newsletters to get the most up to date information on a regular basis.

2. My Horse University

My Horse University is an online platform that is based out of Michigan State University Extension, but has contributors from around the nation. Many educators include extension specialists, equine veterinarians, and professors at various universities. There are different courses that you can take, mostly free, but some do come with a cost attached. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to be the first to know when free webinars are taking place.

3. Your Local Extension Program

A great place for quick articles is your state extension website. Equine educators in different states often post articles about various topics with horses from diseases and vaccines, to pasture management and seasonal horse care. Most equine extension teams have Facebook pages where they share information.

With new research always arising, we are constantly learning new things about horses. Keeping up to date with those new findings can help us not only learn new things about our horses, but also improve our management skills.

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