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Montana Silversmith Jewelry

Exceptional craftsmanship from brands has been expected and respected for centuries. It only becomes better when the brand hits close to home. That is exactly what AHA sponsor, Montana Silversmiths does.

For over 45 years, the master engravers at Montana Silversmiths have created exceptional handcrafted jewelry and buckles that reflect the richness of the American West. They are master craftsmen who know their legend, enjoy telling their story and allow you to write your own.

Montana Silversmiths is rooted within the West and led by a passion for life and their heritage. They translate the beauty of nature found within their surroundings. They also reflect that beauty through the story-telling of their signature engraving, and distinctive designs in feathers, florals, rope and beads. Accentuating these intricate and magnificent designs are natural stones, Swarovski Cubic Zirconia and Crystals that have been said to “add a little sparkle to everyday life.”

Their design team creates distinctive buckles and jewelry designs while exploring the horizon for new and innovative ways to update classic styles with a fresh, modern appeal. Each unique detail stands alone, yet comes together like a glorious symphony, weaving a tapestry of detail and story-telling into each design.

The exceptional detail of each piece of metal is a testament to the quality that Montana Silversmiths produces. For years they have set the gold and silver standard for excellence. This standard ranges from championship buckles, as the Brand of Champions, to the silver artistry showcased in their one of a kind jewelry.

With pieces ranging from sterling silver and bridal to buckles and outdoor, Montana Silversmiths offers something for everyone. They even provide custom and personalized items, tailored to you. Not only do Montana Silversmiths tailor custom items for you, but they also value their customers like family. They have a mission to “provide a lifetime of consumer experience driven by insight and consumer-centric value with our products. We offer this by creating industry leading designs, real innovations, and differentiated products manufactured with the finest craftsmanship in the industry. We create lasting customer solutions that will sustain economic growth and provide an ongoing contribution to our success.”

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