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Customized Tack by Dover Saddlery

Dover Saddlery was founded in 1975 by former members of the USET 3-Day Event Team, Jim and David Powers. Upon returning from the 1972 Olympic Games in Germany, Jim felt that equestrian riders in New England could use a saddlery shop dedicated to providing a broad selection of the best tack available.

Jim took advantage of the knowledge he had gained from having trained and competed with some the best riders around the world to select and develop the best products for both horse and rider. Eventually, David joined Jim with the idea of making the Dover business available to equestrians across the country through a comprehensive catalog.

Dover Saddlery - located in Wellesley, Mass. - quickly expanded beyond its retail store location. The business then moved the mail order fulfillment center and administrative offices to Littleton, Mass.

As the Dover Saddlery business grew, Jim and David assembled a team of experienced equestrians who understood the needs of the horseman. They know how to "turn out" riders as well as horses. The Dover Saddlery team understands the importance of a well-fitted saddle in addition to the unbeatable durability of properly tanned leather.

Dover Saddlery offers the right products at the right price. In this way, they have developed many unique products from superior lunging equipment to Riders International blankets and elegant bridlework.

Today, Dover Saddlery products are the standard by which others try to attain. They offer many styles that can be monogrammed. Customers can monogram horse blankets, riding shirts, tack bags, outerwear, wraps and more. Not only that, but Dover Saddlery offers inventory for everyone. They have apparel, riding boots, stable supplies and speciality products for your pups and dressage.

To see more of what Dover Saddlery has to over, head over to and check it out.

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