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Senior Pictures With Horses

It’s time to ring in the new year. Hello 2019. This new year will bring lots of exciting celebrations, such as graduation. Incorporating your horse into your graduation photo shoot is a great way to capture your love for your horse. For many horse owners, going off to college means leaving your horse as well as your parents, home, and most comfortable aspects of life behind, at least for a little while. Be sure to take graduation photos with your four-legged best friend to memorialize your relationship. Not to mention, these photos make for great decorations in your college dorm room.

Here are a few ideas for snapping these photos. Make sure that you have great lighting to maximize the quality of the photo. The best type of lighting is a bright, yet cloudy day, to get even lighting to prevent shadowing.

Make sure the horse’s ears are forward, and that he or she looks alert in the photos. Plan ahead and bring some props to add to your photoshoot. Make sure that your horse is clean and perfectly groomed because the small details will show up in the photos.

If you are lacking inspiration, take a peek at the attached photos. Alison Kovach will graduate high school this year, and to commemorate this accomplishment, she opted to include her horse, Cleo, in her photoshoot. Enjoy these beautiful photos.

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