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Speaking Spurs With Danny Pollard

As we conclude our Speaking Spurs Series, we head down to Merkel, Texas to a craftsman like no other. The one, the only, Mr. Danny Pollard.

Danny started making bits and spurs late in 1989. By June, 1990, he created a full time business using his talents. Not only is he self-taught, but he has also established himself with a reputation as a craftsman of quality with a flair for tradition. Often called "The Cowboy’s Spur Maker," his styles range from "traditional Texas-style " to "cowboy wild."

His knowledge and techniques have been tried and tested, which have made him a favorite with performance horsemen and working cowboys. Through this, he has earned numerous repeat customers. Pollard is most proud of the work he does for his customers that use their gear on a daily basis.

When you order from Pollard, you are getting a true handmade item. With spur prices ranging from $525.00 to $575.00, everything is hand built in his shop by him only, one order at a time. Unlike the current trend of many other craftsmen, he chooses not to use any pre-made pieces cut from lasers or water jets. Pollard cuts each piece on his bandsaw. His rowels are hand filed to give them a distinctive ring; the mountings are hand cut and hand engraved; and the spur bands are shaped to fit your boot width. Furthermore, his cheek pieces are hand cut as well, and mouthpieces are hand formed to make a bit with the correct balance and weight as needed.

Ask any horseman who rides a Pollard, and they will tell you Danny takes pride in building balanced and comfortable pieces that will assist the horseman in communicating his signals effectively with the horse.

"The art of fine spur making was virtually forgotten for almost half a century. During the past decade, there has been a renaissance of this cowboy craft. Fine spur making has reappeared in Texas with makers such as Kevin Burns and Danny Pollard." - William Manns, American Cowboy Magazine.

To get your hands on one of Danny Pollard’s world renowned pieces, visit

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