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Holiday Shopping Ideas For Equestrians

It’s already the time of year to shop for the holidays. This season can be stressful with all of the shopping and activities that go into the upcoming season. This year, challenge yourself to get ahead of the crowds and finish your shopping early. If you’re shopping for an equestrian, here are a few ideas that would make them incredibly happy.

Some great stocking stuffer ideas are new spurs, gloves, hair bling, or horse treats. Other ideas include gift cards to tack store, which is a perfect gift for a non-horsey person to give to a horse person. Any small horse-related goody is perfect for a stocking stuffer for an equestrian. Another great gift idea is a gift certificate for riding lessons. Be creative!

A great, large holiday present would be a new saddle. Since getting a new saddle is a personal choice, if you know the exact saddle on their wish list, then get it for them. Whether it be Western or English, riders love getting new saddles, and this gift would be perfect to use in the show ring as well.

Another very nice gift would be a horse necklace. Depending on the budget you could either get a cute inexpensive necklace, or even aim for one that is covered in diamonds. No matter what, the recipient will love the gift.

One of the best holiday gift ideas – while it may be very expensive – is a new horse! If your family member or spouse is in the market for a new pony, then why don’t you put a big red bow on the best present that someone could receive: a new horse. Getting a new horse is so exciting and would truly be a present that would be cherished forever.

No matter what gift you decide, remember to shop early this year so that you can truly enjoy the season and spend time with those that matter most in your life.

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