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Winter Riding Shirts

These past few weeks we have shown you riding gloves, breeches, jeans, and a full wardrobe of warm winter wear. This blog is the final touch on your winter outfit - shirts. Finding the perfect winter riding shirt can be difficult. The shirt must be warm, but not too bulky. Keep reading to discover some of the top winter riding shirts around.

1. Horseware Fiona Half Zip Fleece

From personal experience, you can’t go wrong with a half zip, fleece shirt. The fleece keeps you fuzzy warm, while also being extremely comfortable. Make sure to check the sizing chart to get the perfect fit. This fleece would also be great for chilly fall days or layered under a vest.

2. Under Armour Men’s 4.0 Base Crew

If you are looking for something similar to the classic long johns, but with a modern update, look no further. This Base layering shirt from Under Armour fits tightly to your body to avoid bunching or binding. The base layer is perfect for under sweatshirts for the ultimate warmth.

3. Pikeur Sina Performance Mock Neck Top

Similar to the Under Armour Base Layering Shirt, this shirt has multiple purposes. The mock neck top that is similar to a turtleneck’s style holds in the warmth from torso to chin. With this neck line, it will eliminate the need for a scarf making you less bulky during your rides. It would also work great alone in the fall.

No matter what your climate, finding the right riding outfit can be hard. There are a lot of factors that go into the creation of the best riding apparel. Make sure to check out the previous blogs to pull everything together. Happy riding!

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