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Winter Riding Breeches

If you are thinking about winterizing the barn and planning for the journey to get your horse out of the pasture in knee high snow, then you are one of the fortunate people that live in a region plummeted with those dreaded winter months. Unfortunately, the peaceful rides in the outdoor arenas are ending for those that live in a winter-filled region. It’s time to start putting the tank tops away and hauling out the snow suits. Riding gets much more interesting when you start testing how many pairs of pants you have to wear to keep feeling in your legs. It’s always a bit more fun to find breeches that let you move in your English saddle, but also keep you warm. If this sounds familiar to you then keep reading for some great choices to avoid the dreaded layering of clothing.

Kerrits Ladies Fleece Lite Tights

These tights are great for those months that aren’t quite finger numbing cold, but still require warmth. The fleece backed fabric gives a comfortable, light fit that is able to keep its shape due to the four-way stretch. The color options are also fun to choose from! Since these tights aren’t as thick as the thermal tights, they can make a great layering pant for the extremely cold months. If you live in a climate that can get damp and chilly, the Kerrits Ladies Fleece Tights would be a great option.

Horze Grand Prix Thermo Silicone Full Seat Breeches

Now we’ve reached the mid-December breeches that are water repellent for the snow and have a fleece lining for the warmth. These breeches also have breathable, soft-shell fabric that repels hay and debris, keeping you looking your best all day. The full seat allows for more grip on the saddle, while the larger waste band gives a flattering, smooth look. This style is a mid-rise, front zip model. The breeches material is made of 88% Polyamine and 12% Elastane. The elastic bottoms allow a comfortable fit under half-chaps or boots.

Mountain Horse Polar Breeches

The name gives these breeches away. Mountain Horse Polar Breeches just might be the ultimate winter breeches. They are for the winter months that turn your cheeks red and take your breath away. The snow gaiters at the bottom of the pants are created to keep the snow out and the warmth in. A full-length waterproof zipper at the side seams and fully sealed seams lock out the moisture. Two front pockets with hand warming micro-fleece just might be the best part. The full seat is reinforced imitation leather, giving you great grip in the saddle.

No matter if you love the winter or despise it, your horse won’t rest and the training won’t pause. The only alternative is to layer up, dress-warm, and be prepared for the blustering snow storms. With these three riding pants you will be ready for anything this winter!

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