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How to Take The Best Horse Photos

Whether you are taking the photo of your horse or taking one with your horse, snapping the right picture is essential for perfectly capturing the moment. If you are interested in stepping up your horse photography, keep reading for some helpful tips!

First of all, make sure that the horse(s) starring in the photo looks alert with his ears forward. To get the horse's ears forward, you can wave almost anything in the air to get his attention. If you have a difficult time at any point in the photoshoot, it’s always good to

bring treats to reward your horse for posing ever so perfectly and also to get his attention when needed.

If you are taking a photo with your horse, some of the best poses include standing next to your horse’s withers. To change up the photo, try putting your arm over the horse’s back. If you feel comfortable, bareback photos always turn out very cute. Simply mount your horse bareback and strike a pose to capture the beautiful bond between yourself and your horse. It’s always a good idea to get a helper to assist you to with this part.

If you want to materialize your championship win, be sure to include your ribbons and rose garlands in the picture. These photos make for perfect framed photos in your home and even for your cell phone wallpaper.

If your cell phone has a portrait mode, then this feature works great for capturing your horse beautifully with a nice depth of field. Instantly make your cell phone photo look professional by utilizing this mode.

Remember to always get creative during your photoshoot. Taking photos with your horse captures moments that last a lifetime.

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