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Things To Do For Equestrians In The Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and for some of you it’s probably already here. The heat is dwindling, and the cool fall mornings are a sight for sore eyes. The dew is settling into the grass, and your lawn mower is taking a breather. Until next season Buddy. For the avid equestrians, fall is the beckoning of national shows, cool morning trail rides, and the end of a summer show season. With all this extra time on your hands, how are you going to be spending your fall weekends now? Well, here are three things that you can do this fall if you’re a horse lover at heart.

Attend Arabian and Half-Arabian U.S. Nationals

Arabian and Half-Arabian U.S. Nationals is right around the corner and what better thing to do then go to one of the largest Arabian shows in the country. Check out the latest horse show fashion trends, shop until you drop, and of course start setting goals for you and your horse for next year. U.S. Nationals is taking place in Tulsa, Okla. from October 19 through October 27 this year. If you aren’t in the Tulsa area, then maybe it’s time to start planning that long weekend getaway.

Go for a trail ride

Now that the heat is gone, and the flies are dead, it’s the perfect time for a trail ride through the woods. Phone your favorite horse friends and saddle up! The weekends seem shorter, but they’re still long enough to take your equine friends on a rewarding, relaxing trail ride.

Get some R&R

We all know that the show season is a long one, and if you aren’t planning on hauling to U.S. Nationals then this is your time to rest up for next year. Start re-watching your rides from the past summer season and take notes on where you want to improve. Set goals for you and your horse to work on during the approaching winter months. Winter time is a great time to fine tune the little things so when the 2019 show season begins you are ready to knock out some of the goals you’ve created.

If you live in a state that lets you experience the pleasant fall weather, then try some of our three suggestions. Of course, if you are still experiencing blazing heat, then tan a little longer and swim a little faster for all of us that have reached the end of our summer. So, set some goals, go on some trail rides, and attend a few national shows (it’s good for the soul!) because fall only comes once a year. Take advantage of it while you can.

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