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Barn Fashion

Going to the barn is always enjoyable, especially when you’re dressed to impress - and most importantly, are wearing the proper riding attire. The perfect outfit can increase the quality of a ride. If you’re interesting in adding to your riding wardrobe, here are a few ideas from which to start.


Wearing the proper pants is extremely important for perfecting your ride. Make sure that your pants fit properly at the waist and have a long enough inseam so that they don’t ride up - no pun intended. Jeans are a great option if you are looking for casual pants that are versatile and relatively inexpensive. For the best results, wear flare jeans so that they can go outside the boots to protect legs from saddle sores. Jeans are perfect for any type of riding - from Western to English. If you are looking for a more protective pant, then hunter breeches or saddle seat pants may be for you. Both of these styles fit snugly and have protective padding for maximum defense against saddle sores. Also, if you compete at shows, these pants are perfect to practice in so you are comfortable wearing them in the show arena.


The best tops to wear when you are practicing are athletic tops that reduce sweat. Riding horses is a lot of work, so dri-fit styles are some of the best options. Wear a top that maximizes comfort and flexibility - the last thing that you want from a top is one that holds you back. Pairing this top with a supportive sports bra is a perfect way to minimize “bounce”.


The best types of riding socks are knee-highs. These socks do not need to be a special brand and they are also relatively inexpensive. When it comes to socks, the thinner the better! When putting socks under your pants, the most comfortable fit for both jeans and riding pants is when the socks are thin enough that the fabric does not bunch. Get creative with your color choices!


Make sure that you always are prepared to ride with the right accessories. Hair ties are essential, and it’s always good to bring extras in case one snaps. Make sure you always have gloves to protect your hands from blisters - leather gloves work the best. Also, bring a sports bottle to keep hydrated.

Always remember to prepare your attire correctly to maximize the quality of your ride.

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