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College Equestrian Teams

College is a time for new adventures and experiences that teach you who you are. Finding those experiences is sometimes hard. If you are a college student that has a passion for horses, finding those experiences may come more easily compared to other students. The equestrian community is huge and runs strong through many colleges, especially those with equestrian teams. Some teams may be tryout teams, but don’t let that scare you away. Here are three reasons why you should go out for your college equestrian team.

1. New friends

Finding friends that share the same passion as yourself will make the transition to college life much easier. If you have a love for horses, then joining a college equestrian team is a way to meet people that share your same passion. It’s easy to meet people that are in a variety of majors as well. Having diverse friends that share similar interests will make finding your friends much more fun.

2. New experiences

Of course, trying something new is going to allow you to grow as a person. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn new things about yourself. A lot of college equestrian teams have you ride different horses that you may have never ridden before at every meet. You really have to learn how to adapt to different situations quickly.

3. Growing in your horsemanship skills

Maybe best of all is how much you will learn and grow with horses. Constantly riding different horses and learning from new people is a great way to gain new skills. No two horses will be the same; therefore, no two rides will be the same.

No matter your major, year or background, joining a college equestrian team is a great way to meet new people, gain new experiences, and expand your horsemanship skills. It’s a triple threat! Good luck to everyone planning on trying out for their college equestrian teams and have a great season. Sometimes the best decisions are the hardest decisions.

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