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Selling Tack

It’s the heat of show season and for some people it means new tack. Who doesn’t love a shiny new saddle or opening the front door to see a package with your name on it? With the age of Facebook groups upon us, it has become easier than ever to find used tack within your budget. Not only have these Facebook groups made it easier to buy tack, but they also make it easier to sell tack as well. It allows you to reach a wider audience than the traditional ways of selling tack. Since Facebook has a diverse population of different groups, it’s important to make sure that you are in the right groups and marketing your tack the correct way. Here are some tips and tricks to get top price for your tack.

Join the right Facebook groups

Facebook is full of different groups. A lot of groups are specifically related to a certain discipline, breed, brands, type of tack, sizes and more. Making sure that you are selling your tack in the correct group could make a big difference in how fast you sell your tack. If you are trying to sell a Western saddle, make sure that you are in a Western group. If you want to get even more specific in what audience you are reaching, try searching for discipline related groups. You are very likely to find a group that is just for the discipline of tack that you are trying to sell.

Post your tack in a variety of groups

Since there are so many groups out on Facebook now to sell tack, it’s important that you cross post your tack in different groups. If you are trying to sell a Western Pleasure saddle and you are located in Michigan, try posting in Western groups, Michigan groups, Ohio groups, and other groups that are related. If you have tack that you are willing to ship too, it will open up your audience reach much more and will give you flexibility in what groups you post your tack in.

Provide all the information

A good general rule is if you are buying something online, it’s important that you ask all the questions you can before you commit to buying it. As a seller, this is a good point to remember. Providing a lot of information in the original post will answer a lot of questions and make your job easier as a seller. Some information to provide when you are selling a saddle for example is the brand, seat size, tree size, model name, flap length and anything else that you think you would want to know if you were to buy the saddle. No matter what type of tack you are selling, provide the brand name and measurements/size. The more information you are able to provide in the original post, the more attractive it’s going to be to buyers.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Maybe the most important part about your post are the pictures. Quality pictures will make your tack look high-end and more attractive to buyers. Cleaning your tack will also help improve the pictures to make sure you get top dollar. If you have access to a high-quality digital camera, that would be your best option, but if you don’t, then a phone camera will work just fine. The portrait setting on iPhones takes great pictures that focus on the tack, making sure that your tack is the center of attention. Play around with different lighting and settings to get the best results. Solid backgrounds are helpful to focus the pictures on the tack. Try hanging a solid, neutral colored sheet as a background or lay it on the ground if you are selling smaller pieces of tack and take the picture from above. The more pictures you can take the better.

Once you have all the tack information, taken quality photos, planned on what groups you are going to post in, as well as becoming a member of the chosen groups; you are ready to sell. Before you publish the post to the groups though, look at the post as if you were a buyer. Would you buy this item if you saw this post? Have you provided all the correct information? What questions would you have if you were interested in buying this item? Once you can answer all these questions, your post is ready for potential buyers. Make sure you continuously check Facebook Messenger for messages from potential buyers too. If you are not friends with the buyer, you will have to accept the message from the buyer, so keep up with your notification alerts on Facebook or you may miss out on a sale. Just remember to keep the post exciting and informative. If you wouldn’t buy the item from your post, then someone else probably wouldn’t either. The more attractive the post the better. Happy selling and good luck getting top dollar for your items!

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