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How to Save Money When it Comes to Horses

Having horses in your life can bring a lot of joy - except when it comes to your wallet. Having horses can be expensive. Luckily, there are a few savvy ways to help save money.

1. Showing horses is definitely fun, but it is one of the highest expenses when it comes to owning a horse. If you have a show horse and struggling financially, don’t be afraid to cut back on shows. Be selective and pick which shows you want to attend at the beginning of the year and set a budget for yourself. Another way to save money at shows is to work during the show, such as a groom or a stall cleaner.

2. If you are struggling to afford monthly training, maybe consider taking your horse home for a few months. There are plenty of boarding facilities all over the country if you are not able to have your horse at home. It will be a nice break on your wallet and your horse will enjoy the vacation too because just like people, they need down time as well.

3. Another way to save money is to learn how to do things for your horse by yourself. Experienced grooms at shows and at home are pretty pricey and sometimes charge a-la-carte prices for tail cleaning, braiding, blanketing, etc. If you learn how to do these things yourself and are able to fit it into your schedule, you can definitely save a large chunk of money.

Just remember, if there’s a will there’s a way! If you’re trying to cut back on costs, try these tips or ask others what they do to help keep costs at a minimum.

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