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New Video: Fly and Insect Management, with Hope Hobday Glynn

"Watch stable owner Hope Hobday Glynn talk about strategies for fly and insect management and prevention on horse farms. This video is brought to you by SmartPak.About This VideoFlies and insects are not only a nuisance to you and your horse, but they can also serve as a vector for equine diseases. In this video, Hope Hobday Glynn shares her strategies for fly and insect management to help other horse owners ensure their stables aren’t a place insects would like to call home. First, Glynn outlines how the manner in which manure, water, and garbage are handled around the barn can have a direct effect on an area’s attractiveness to insects; and how for additional prevention, use of products such as fly stoppers, traps, and tapes can also play a role in reducing insect populations. Glynn then explains how topical products such as fly sprays and roll-ons can help keep your horse comfortably fly-free while also being environmentally-friendly. Finally, Glynn provides a thorough overview of insect barriers such as fly sheets, masks, and boots, including things to consider when choosing these products to best address your horse’s fly prevention needs. This video was filmed at Wild Oak Stables in Santa Rosa, CA owned by Karen Trione.Key Principles:PreventionTopicalsBarriers

This video is brought to you by SmartPak."

Read the release and watch the video here. To see the full video, you must be a USEF member.

Courtesy of U.S. Equestrian Learning Center

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