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Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely important for both you and your horse. Whether you’re hauling your horse to compete in Oklahoma City for the Arabian Youth Nationals, or taking them on a trail ride this summer - please remember to keep hydrated! Today I’m going to share three of the best ways to keep both you and your horse hydrated.

  1. If you’re going on a trail ride….

Taking your horse on a trail ride on a hot summer day could potentially be dangerous for you and your horse if you are both not properly hydrated. First, be sure to always check the temperature and humidity before embarking on your ride. Also, before you start your trip, be sure to check the time - try to not be longer than an hour. Be sure to drink lots of water before you go on your ride and make sure that your horse does too by monitoring their water buckets (if your horse has an automatic filler, this may be more difficult to measure). After you’re done with your trail ride, be sure to give your horse a nice, cool bath - this will feel amazing for you too!

2. If you’re hauling your horse…

Be sure to water your horses every two hours when hauling them in the heat. When going to shows like Youth Nationals in Oklahoma City, Okla. - be sure to be extra mindful about watering your horse. Youth Nationals is during the hottest month of the year with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. When trailering through the desert, be sure to stop and water your horse with the goal of them drinking one standard-sized bucket per stop. To incentivize your horse to drink more water, a fun trick is to add carrots or other small treats to the bottom of the water bucket - this way it's a fun game for the horse that gets them to drink more water while also getting rewarding with a treat.

3. If you’re at a summer horse show…

Similarly to hauling your horse, be mindful of how much water your horse is drinking at the show. Remember that the climate at the show may be much different than the weather at home. Be sure to constantly check their water buckets to make sure they are drinking enough to stay hydrated. If it seems that your horse is not drinking enough, salt blocks are a great solution. Not only does your horse get extra vitamins and minerals from the salt, but it also makes them thirstier. Riders can easily get dehydrated at summer shows as well. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day but try not to drink too much right before a class or you may feel nauseous. Just remember to stay hydrated.

Be sure to stay mindful to keep yourself and your horse hydrated this summer! Try any or all of these three ways to keep hydrated.

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