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Arabian Horse Artist Spotlight: Gina Dupree

The Arabian horse community is rich with culture, a large part of this being our diverse and talented artists. One much loved creator is Gina Dupree – Owner and Operator of Arabian Fancy Tack.

Gina’s stunning halters, presentation sets, and tack is well known in the industry, having adorned some of the most iconic Arabian horses of the last twenty years. Marwan Al Shaqab wore Arabian Fancy, all black with Swarovski crystals for Aachen, and WH Justice stunning off-white and gold for the Arabian Breeders World Cup. Barzan Al Shania sported a beautiful gold halter for U.S. Nationals, and renowned stallion Botswana was decadently outfitted in coins and dripping jewels by Arabian Fancy. Gina even had the privilege of creating a turquoise and silver presentation set for Wayne Newton.

A one-woman operation, Gina is devoted to bringing her clients vision into reality through her beautiful design and execution. After wanting to make something for her first Arabian horse, a grey Kaborr daughter, to wear and later selling the set on eBay, Gina was hooked. She discovered her love for creating tack that accentuates the beauty of the horse and delights the owner. Arabian Fancy Tack was born.

(Emma) Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

(Gina) I’ve been married for 27 years and have two kids, Justin 13 and Mandy 20. We have a cattle ranch in South Mississippi. I’ve been creating tack for Arabian horses for 18 years, and I’m totally self-taught.

When I’m creating tack, I try to visualize what my own dream look would be for an Arabian - the fantasy design that every Arabian horse lover has in the back of their mind. One of my customers, Alison Mehta of Talaria Farms, described the design she wanted as “picture what you would find in a pharaoh’s tomb”. I use this idea a lot when designing.

When a customer contacts me, my goal is always to make their ultimate dream come true. I get their thoughts for color and theme, and a photo of the horse if possible. I send sample ideas until we get the design just right. It’s amazing to be home on the ranch in South Mississippi and be messaging a customer in Australia or Europe, or even just a state away, and to be able completely design a set personalized with the customer’s own ideas.

(Emma) What makes the Arabian horse a great subject?

(Gina) I’ve been in love with Arabians since I read “The Black Stallion” in grade school.

Arabians are the most beautiful animals in the world. There’s no other breed that has such grace, fire and absolute joy for life. They just come alive when you put fancy things on them. They KNOW they are special and love to show off.

(Emma) Do you have a favorite piece?

(Gina) That’s difficult. I’ve designed for some amazing horses competing at some of the most prestigious events across the globe. I’ve also created ‘dream come true’ sets for 30-year-old horses that have never seen a show ring, and backyard beauties that no one has ever heard of but who’s owners adore them and want to see them dressed as the ultimate desert horse. They are all very special to me because the owner’s treasure the pieces, and the horses.

Gina’s designs have been featured in both publications and show rings around the world. Her work is iconic and has adorned many of the great Arabian horses of our time. Through her attention to detail and passion for her work, Gina creates beautiful and timeless wearable art, and has happy customers around the globe.

More information about Gina and her beautiful Arabian Fancy Tack creations can be found on her webpage,

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