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Youth Spotlight: Showing With Katie Steiner

Fifteen year old Katie Steiner, daughter of trainer Tony Steiner of Steiner Arabians International, took some time out of her busy schedule in the run up to Youth Nationals to answer some questions about her life with Arabian show horses. Katie will be showing in multiple disciplines at Youth, and is no stranger to the show world. Working hard both behind the scenes and in the ring, Katie is involved in all facets of showing horses. From braiding her own mare for classes, supporting other competitors, to the everyday care and conditioning of horses at her Dad’s training facility, Katie is a young lady of various talents and a great ambassador for our Arabian horse.

(Emma) Tell us about yourself?

(Katie) My name is Katelynn Steiner but most people know me as Katie, I am 15 years old and live in Aubrey, Texas. I do a mix of everything in the Arabian horse world. At the horse shows I do the set up, I take care of the horses, I do show grooming and I help the clients with their class while also showing horses myself in a variety of disciplines from, Halter, Show Hack, Country English Pleasure, Sport Horse In-Hand, Western Dressage, and Trail.

When not at the horse show I’m at the barn working alongside my dad as his Assistant Trainer. I groom, work, ride and train my horse Hottie. In addition, I also help in the breeding process. Once done at the barn I go home to take care of our own horses. Since my dad is a trainer I’ve always been involved with the Arabian horse breed and from the start I've been in love with them.

(Emma) Who are the special Arabian and Half-Arabian horses in your life, and why?

(Katie) I currently have two very special horses in my life. My own horse, Half-Arabian mare A Major Hottie AA+/, and Purebred gelding KMA Angelo++// owned by Karlan Downing.

Karlan has given me an incredible opportunity to show and to learn about Trail, Ranch Riding, Western Dressage, and Sport Horse In-Hand. With Sterling Bradley and Karlan Downing, I have learned so much and accomplished dreams I never thought I would get to do, including being Champion in Purebred ATR Trail at Region 9 Championships.

My own horse Hottie has taught me so much and made me a better rider and person. Hottie and I have accomplished much, from Reserve Champion in Half-arabian Show Hack JTR, Champion Performance Halter and Champion AOTH Halter at Region 8, plus Class A wins and Championships in Halter, Country Pleasure and Show Hack.

(Emma) What are your goals short term, and long term, with the Arabian horse?

(Katie) Some long term goals are to just get better at working and training horses and trying other disciplines. Because of how I have performed in classes and my work ethic, people have recognized my efforts and have given me incredible opportunities that I am very grateful for. Short term, my goals are to keep getting better every day and to learn as much as I can.

(Emma) What would you say to someone your age who is thinking of making an Arabian their next horse?

(Katie) If someone was going to get an Arabian horse I would say it is one of the best choices they will make in their life. They will have a lifetime friend that they can talk to and tell secrets to that will never be spread. The responsibilities they will learn will make them a better person and give them skills that will last their entire life. That horse they choose will be embedded in their heart so much they can't think of their life without having that horse in it. From the kind eyes and amazing personality to the adorable quirks and welcoming nicker, the Arabian horse captures your heart and your soul.

(Emma) Parent/Guardian, what has your experience of the Arabian horse as a Youth/Family horse been? Would you encourage other families to select the breed for their children/youths and why?

(Tony Steiner- Katie's Dad and owner of Steiner Arabians International)

I honestly believe the experience of growing up as a youth with the Arabian horse can be one of the most positive and greatest experiences for someone. I’ve been blessed to live all levels of that experience. For me personally I grew up with Arabian horses that my family bred and showed. I learned how to do chores, care for them, handle foals to older horses, ride, haul, show horses and so many more responsibilities and life experiences. I also had the opportunity in my teenage years to spend time with Jerry McRae at O’Mac stables learning so many more advanced things.

When I began training horses professionally I always made it a mission to give back and with that I have had the amazing opportunity to work with so many great youth and give them the experience of handling and showing their Arabian horses. Another great youth experience my wife and I have been able to do is having youth work for us at the barn and at shows. That opportunity of mentorship and education has given us several lifetime friendships that we still feel like we are parents too this very day. The other cool thing is that those youth were around my kids when they were young and share a kinship together too.

Now I live a life where my own kids, Scott and Katie, work for, show and help me with our training business. You could say it has come full circle but the one common theme of the Arabian horse and all the positive things they have brought my life, my kids’ lives and all the youth I have been blessed to work with has never changed.

Congratulations Katie on all you have accomplished so far! Wishing you all the best for the Youth Nationals with your Arabian horses!

You can find out more about Katie’s family’s program, Steiner Arabians international, through the Facebook page:

Photo Credits: Karlan Downing, Lori Ricigliano and the Steiner Family

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