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Displaying Awards

Winning roses, ribbons, and trophies is fun because it highlights accomplishments while also creating keepsakes to cherish forever. Whether you have one ribbon or 1,000 ribbons, it is sometimes difficult to properly display your accomplishments. Maybe you have small wall space or maybe you’re simply unsure of the order to hang the ribbons. Today’s blog gives helpful tips for how to beautifully display your ribbons, garlands, and trophies.

Designating areas for various shows is one way to keep your ribbons and garlands organized. For example, maybe you want to hang all of your Regional Championship garlands but don’t know where to start. Try grouping all of your Regional garlands together in chronological order. Stacking the garlands is a great way to maximize wall space if you have many sets of roses. Make sure that the centers of the garlands are directly below one another when you hang them. If you have a lot of wall space or less garlands, you could space out the garlands by hanging them next to each other. Don’t forget to use a tape measure to make sure that all of the garlands are all straight. As an option, you can add in Championship ribbons either next to or within the center of the garlands.

Trophies and plaques are also fun to display. Sometimes it’s tricky figuring out the best way to display these awards due to their awkward sizing. Placing trophies and plaques on shelves or other flat furniture surfaces is the best way to display them. Try to avoid crowding the shelf by placing too many trophies and plaques in one spot. Additionally, remember that organizing awards by show is also the best option for displaying awards.

When you decide to organize your awards, let your personality and style shine through! Feel free to decorate your awards areas with pictures and other mementos of your horse. Displaying awards is always fun because they represent many happy memories made possible by the Arabian horse.

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