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Horseback Riding on Vacation

Going on vacation is always fun - especially when horses are involved.

Even though vacations are fun, it’s easy to miss horseback riding if it's usually part of your schedule while away. Taking a horseback riding excursion on vacation may be the perfect solution to this dilemma - not to mention horseback riding is a great way to see a large amount of scenery in a relatively short amount of time. Basically, think of horseback riding as a fun hike that allows you to see the beautiful scenery of your vacation destination while getting your riding fix in. Here’s a list of three beautiful vacation spots that have lots of horseback riding opportunities!

1. My personal favorite destination is Kauai, Hawaii, as I visited this island last August and am planning on returning this summer as well. At home, I ride one to two times per week, so finding a way to ride during my week-long vacation was a must! CJM Country Stables in Kauai allows people to rent horses led by tour guides through the gorgeous landscape of south-shore Kauai . The view on this ride is beautiful - from riding along the beach to stunning rolling cliffs that overlook the ocean. Below are photos taken during my trail ride in Kauai last summer.

2. Transitioning from tropical paradise to a fabulous European trip, another gorgeous destination to ride through is Tuscany. Ride through the grapevines and even do some wine-tasting during your ride. At the end of your ride, you even get an authentic Tuscan wine paired lunch. Riding horses through Tuscany is a great way to experience Italian culture while being on the back of a horse.

3. If you love all things nature, you should consider horseback riding through Yosemite. One of the best ways to get the most out of your experience at this National park is to ride through the trails to see as much as possible. It’s simply not possible to see everything you can on this horseback ride that you can see hiking - four legs are much quicker (and more fun) than two.

If you’re interested in visiting any of these destinations, use these links provided to plan your trip :




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