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Rising Stars of the Arabian Horse World

Finding a training professional that is a good fit for a rider is at the top of the list for many riders in the Arabian horse industry. Of course, it would be great to work with a trainer that has 30 plus years of experience, but what if that wasn’t necessary? Like other things, the equine world is evolving with the times.

What does that mean for those in the horse industry though? There are many young Arabian horse trainers who are trying to leave their mark on the industry and have the expertise and skill needed to so. This blog post will highlight two rising stars in the Arabian horse world.

Colby Powell

Colby Powell is the owner of Colby Powell Performance Horses in Scottsdale, Ariz. Although fairly new to the training world, he grew up in the industry and has skills that extend far beyond his years. He has worked with some of the top trainers in the industry and has taken what he learned a made a career for himself. Powell got his start in the industry as an assistant trainer at Silver Aspen Ranch. With hard work and dedication, he was able to work his way to other training positions at Lamb Show Horses, Stachowski Farms Inc., The Brass Ring Inc. and now at his own successful training company. Powell is quickly riding to the top of the industry and with over 50 National championships under his belt, it’s only up from here.

Jenna Ball

A trainer at Westridge Farms, Jenna is no stranger to the horse world. A third-generation horse woman, Ball has spent many years working under many talented professionals including Tommy Garland and Brett Becker. Ball is a well-rounded trainer who has no limit to what she can do. She devotes countless hours to training horses of many statures, including young and seasoned. She is a highly decorated trainer with many awards on her own and with her trainees. She is noted for her communication and encouraging manner, both of which have aided in her success.

Overall, both of these young individuals are climbing their way to the top of the Arabian horse industry. Don’t let their newness fool you because they just may teach you a thing or two.

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