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Horse Sale Video Tips

Choosing to sell a horse is not always an easy decision. Some people may sell their horse because they grew out of them and some may have to sell due to financial reasons. No matter the reasoning, it’s never easy to make this decision because of the emotional bond between owner and horse.

A shared goal amongst sellers is they want their horse to go to the best home possible. One way to make this goal happen is to create a sale video that showcases the horse in the best possible light. Horses for sale can spread by word of mouth, but usually sales videos are a great selling tool because it can reach more people, which gives more opportunity to find the perfect home for the horse. However, to accurately portray the horse, the video needs to be done well and be of high quality. Below are a few tips in making a high quality sales video.

First, before even starting the video, make sure that the horse is groomed properly, clean and clipped (if so desired). Be sure to take off any tail bags, fly masks, wraps, sleezys, etc. before videoing the horse. The viewer must be able to see all parts of the horse.

When starting the video, make sure the horse looks alert by having their ears forward. Make sure the rider is in sync with the horse and that the overall picture looks professional. When filming the horse, they should look as if they are in the show arena. The only difference is the judges are potential buyers.

Once the video is filmed, the video can be edited to add in effects and music. Use this to your advantage and give the video a high production feeling. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative such as finding a song that goes with the registered name of the horse. It is a creative way to help a potential buyer remember the horse. Also, don’t forget to put the horse’s information at the beginning of the video (name, age, breeding, etc.).

Once the video is complete, upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo to easily share the video onto various social media platforms, while simultaneously tracking views. Be sure to post the video regularly – but not every day.

In today’s horse market online sale videos are one of the best ways to market horses and is relatively inexpensive. In such a competitive marketing, every advantage helps, making a sales video a necessity when it comes time to sell a horse.

Below is a link to an excellent sample video of a grey hunter mare that recently sold. Notice in the video the rider’s poise, the mare’s beautiful structure and the informative opening of the video. An added bonus is the video is paired with a fun song!

Pictured above is Laila EAS recently sold by Elsinore Arabian Stud.

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