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Choosing the One: Things to Consider When Choosing a Summer Riding Camp

Summer riding camps are the highlight of everyone’s childhood. They create the memories that are carried into adulthood. Of course, you can’t forget the pony that teaches you that a rising trot is a gift, especially when his little legs are moving as fast as possible around the ring. It gives you the time to make friendships that will last a lifetime and is something everyone should experience. To find a summer camp here are a few questions that are important to ask before deciding on a summer riding camp for your child.

How much does the camp cost?

This question could be the most important question. Summer riding camps can vary drastically in price and each camp provides a different opportunity. Before beginning the summer riding camp search set a budget for the camps expenses. Don’t forget to include the cost of proper riding clothes and boots.

How long is the camp?

The price will depend greatly on the length of the camp. Having an idea of how long you want your child to attend the camp will also give you a better idea of how much you are willing to spend. Longer camps are going to cost more, but they may teach your child more since they will be getting more riding time. Some camps can be a few days long, while there will be others that can run for a whole summer. Knowing how long you and your child want the camp to be will narrow down your choices.

What riding discipline does your child does your child want to learn throughout the riding camp?

Some camps have a wide variety of disciplines that are taught, while other camps are a specific discipline such as Jumping, Barrel Racing, Dressage and other specific disciplines. The summer riding camp that I attended as a child had a wide variety of disciplines that were taught. I enjoyed this because it gave me a sample of a lot of different disciplines that I could decide if I liked or not. Knowing what your child likes and wants to learn will help you make the final decision on a summer riding camp. It will also be more fun for your child if they are learning what they want to learn.

Other things to keep in mind:

1) There is more to riding a horse than just riding. Learning the little things like the appropriate tack for disciplines, parts of a saddle, bridle or horse, are important to becoming a well-rounded horseman. Making sure that these are parts of the camp is important because not only do you want your child to learn how to ride, but you want your child to grow into a knowledgeable horse person.

2) Checking out the facilities where the camp will be taking place can give you a better idea of what the camp is going to be like. Look at the horses and how they are taken care of. Is this the place that you want your child to begin their journey into the horse world? Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a mental image of what your little one is talking about during the talkative drive home.

3) Get to know the instructors. Learn about their background, why they put on summer riding camps, and where they obtained their horse experience. It’s important that your child is learning from someone that loves what they are doing. If they love what they’re doing than your child is going to love learning from them.

I hope that these tips will help you in choosing your child’s summer riding camp. It’s where the love of horses can grow and it’s important to make sure that they get off to a good start. Summer riding camp is an experience of a lifetime, so have fun choosing a camp and get ready to become a horse lover’s number one fan!

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