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Rancher or Rhinestone Cowboy

Whether you’re a rancher, cowboy or a man that occasionally indulges in western wear from time to time, fashion is still an aspect of life that still exists. This blog will discuss fashion options for the individuals that enjoy a hardworking and stylish man.

First and foremost, we have to understand that most men dress based on comfort, quickness and ease. However, just like any other working man, the types of shirts that your guy will wear around the ranch will reflect the seasons.

Although much of this seems like common sense, actually shopping for shirts can be taxing, overwhelming and endless. All of this is due to the many brands, materials, prices and more associated with purchasing clothing. Many of the brands that your man will sport around the ranch include:

  1. Cinch Shirts

  2. Rafter C Shirts

  3. Ariat Shirts

  4. Wrangler George Strait Shirts

  5. Wrangler 20X Shirts

  6. Wrangler Shirts

  7. Rock & Roll Cowboy Shirts

  8. Fashion Shirts

  9. Retro & Vintage Shirts

  10. Larro Shirts

  11. Stetson Shirts

  12. Work Shirts

  13. T-Shirts

  14. Flame Resistant Shirts

  15. Polo Shirts

  16. Under Armour Shirts

Of course, all of these brands offer many styles of shirts including short sleeve and long sleeve. These shirts could also be a button down, pearl snap, plain, plaid, striped or embroidered. Materials include cotton, polyester, dri-FIT T-Shirts and more. Lastly, the prices tend to range from the sale price of $18 to a whopping $140.

Check out this throwback from the original Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell:

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