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Meet Our Blogging Interns: Tyler Lewis

From birth, my family always suspected that I was different. They knew that I would be something other than what they had known.

Here’s my story...

Howdy! My name is Tyler Ray Lewis and I am a senior Agricultural Communications and Journalism major from Navasota, Texas. Being born and raised in small town USA is one of the most rewarding perks in my life. Navasota has a population of a whooping 7,537 of which 7,536 are probably related to me. I am the oldest of three siblings, and the oldest of six grandchildren. So, I guess I’m old.

Flashing back to myself around seven-years-old, I received my first horse, who was a bay miniature pony, named Lucky. My family was active at the local rodeos, so you could always catch Lucky and I running around the arenas and fairgrounds while my sister prepared for her barrel races. Like any other growing child, I outgrew little Lucky and started to stray away from horses. I soon became interested in the arts and swine.

I’ve been singing since I was two-years-old. My mom called it, “singing before I could talk.” So, anything music related was focus as a teenager. I joined the middle school band, which eventually led to me joining theater and high school marching band later on.

High school was one of the best times of my life. I focused on finding who I was as an artist and harvester, and I devoted all of my time to theater and raising my market swine. I spent countless hours at rehearsals. In my free time you could bet that I was at the barn with my Durocs.

Fast forward seven years, I am about to graduate from Texas A&M University, trying to be a working journalist, obsessed with traveling to New York City and helping my younger sister raise market swine. I am unlike anyone that you have ever met. I am a proud member of the LGBT+ community and a total fashion freak. I also work as a Resident Advisor at A&M alongside being a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta Beauty. Imagine that, being a boy in beauty and an agriculturalist. It’s a unique mix, but it’s who I am.

With a year left at A&M, I’m currently preparing myself for graduate school and the biggest move I’ve made thus far to NYC. Stay tuned!

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