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Meet Our Blogging Interns: Emma Kersey-Doherty

When I moved to the States in 2014, I was happy but something was missing. Shortly after, I purchased my beloved Half-Arabian, Knight Movez, some of the void began to fill. Having owned and shown horses in England, including an Arabian, since I was a young

child, I quickly became interested in competing here too. Through immersing myself into the Arabian community, the U.S. went from being the place I lived, to being my home. Many of my very best friends here, I met through the Arabian horse.

Fast forward four years and I am blessed to still have my beautiful mare, as well as my Purebred show gelding, Royal Eshan. Royal has been a dream come true for me. He taught me Halter, and together we have learned about Sport Horse In-Hand. He took me to my first Regional competitions last year, and we are getting ready to make our under saddle debut this year. My mare is expecting her first foal in 2019, which will be the first horse I bred personally.

I am a hands-on horse owner and amateur, my horses live at home and I take pride in conditioning and working with them myself day to day. I enjoy all things horse care. We strive to take regular lessons with our trainer, and are lucky to be surrounded by friends and mentors who support us.

By day, I work in an office, as well as having the pleasure of meeting a wide array of horses and owners through my work as an equine soft tissue therapist. I love to write. If I'm not at the barn, I'm probably on my porch with my laptop on one knee and Royal's head on the other, while I work on a new novel.

I adore my horses and the community I have found through them. Arabian horse people are unlike any other. We are so different and diverse, yet so closely knit and bonded by our passion for these wonderful animals. Through my internship with Arabian Horse Life, I hope to have an opportunity to further the sense of community, as well as showcasing to newcomers the multitude of amazing qualities of our Arabian horses, and the people who love them.

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