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Her Girl: A Life-long Love Story Because of The Arabian Horse

At Arabian Horse Life (AHL) magazine we always love to hear how people enjoy our articles. Leah Greuel wrote a very touching article in Issue 2's Jibbah Jabber section on how she "first started" in the Arabian horse industry and how one individual, Bill Bell, impacted her for a lifetime;

"I got my Arabian Horse Life magazine yesterday - how cool to see our story in print. Thank you!.. Bill Bell called me from Arizona, and he was very pleased and touched. He is 90 years old, and it meant a lot to me that he got to see that page. I will be ordering a few extras.... lots of Raisahhh fans in her 31 years! So, blessings as you continue to promote the Arabian Horse and keep the heart beat strong for generations to come."


Leah Greuel

Read the full article on page 15 of AHL's mini-issue at


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