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The Arabian Horse Association Launches #JoinTheJourney Campaign


The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) launches the #JoinTheJourney campaign to highlight the membership organization and the Arabian horse. The campaign consists of print and digital advertisements, social media platform material and a commercial comprising of individuals enjoying and bonding with Arabian horses.


“The Arabian horse has such an incredible ability to create a special bond with humans that it is something we want to share with everyone,” said Mikayla Boge, Director of Marketing of AHA. “Also, our organization offers many benefits and a variety of programs that anyone can participate in, whether you own an Arabian horse or not. The idea behind the #JoinTheJourney campaign is designed to highlight this.”

The campaign revolves around the #JoinTheJourney hashtag, enticing individuals to join in on why the Arabian horse is so fantastic. The campaign is intended to touch every individual, whether it is a mother with children looking for an after-school activity for the kids or an individual seeking a hobby to enjoy, the #JoinTheJourney campaign encompasses all of this.

“Many individuals do not realize how much a horse can change your life,” said Glenn Petty, Executive Vice President of AHA. “For example, horses can teach responsibility, be your best friend and are a great way to be involved in an activity where you are always learning something new. This campaign is really designed to showcase this and how the Arabian horse fits into your life.”

The design of the campaign really focuses around what the Arabian horse has to offer on every level. Previous studies have shown that there are numerous benefits to being involved with horses. One such study, “Horse-Riding Can Improve Children’s Cognitive Ability”, published in Frontiers in Public Health concluded that riding horses leads to improved learning in children. The campaign will focus on highlighting and promoting these types of beneficial elements of the Arabian horse industry.

Whether you are involved in the Arabian horse industry already, or have never touched a horse before, there is something for everyone. To learn more about the Arabian Horse Association, or how you can be involved, visit today to #JoinTheJourney!

If you would like to download #JoinTheJourney material to be used at your next event or to help promote the Arabian horse, visit our Marketplace - Fun and Educational Items section at

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