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A Discovery Farm Story - SA Aladina

My name is Lisa Ghio, and I am part of your discovery farm program. One of the best parts of this program is entertaining all the questions with folks about our beloved breed. I am going to share a story of my mare Aladina - a story we share at all the events she attends.

Aladina was one of 23 purebred Arabians rescued in 2014. During the rehabilitation, I was honored to work with the staff and all of the horses. I had no intentions of adopting a permanent member to the herd as my mare was injured in July the previous year. With the mounting medical bills and uncertainty of her future, I was content fostering. Every horse was placed. I was happy with a job well done by all the volunteers.

One day a message came to my phone. It read “She’s back”. I immediately responded “Who?” She replied “Aladina”. Well, I called the humane society immediately. The director said I was approved previously, and I could pick her up anytime. I adopted Aladina without hesitation. She became a member of my herd in September, 2015.

In May 2016, I brought her to my friend and trainer. She had not been under saddle. She was coming along nicely but still very green. We went to the Cheshire fair in August and placed with a blue in PB Arabian Halter. I couldn’t have been more proud of her and all the attention she received. Everyone was moved by her story. She started getting a fan base.

We then were honored to be invited to the Eastern States 100th anniversary show to be part of the Arabian Horse demo - a demo I can’t thank AHA enough for helping to make possible. Aladina shined! We trotted in with our native halter. She and her fellow equine stole the show. She accepted all the hands and grasps at her. The people were wondering where these beautiful horses were stabled, and we eagerly told them to meet us in the barn. Aladina’s fan base grew. Everyone loved her. She amazed me.

During Eastern States, we had the pleasure of riding our first class together. We had our name in lights, but what meant the most was how this mare took everything in stride. (Just a sidenote, she was 17 years young.)

In 2017, Aladina saw a native costume for the first time. I put it on her and we rode. We walked and trotted under lights with the crowds hooting. Again, this little mare took it all in stride, eager for a good pat. I was so proud of her. Many people traveled to see her, but the general public couldn’t believe her story and how Arabians influenced other breeds.

Aladina is a success story. Adoption is very amazing gift. Aladina has made many of my dreams come true, and I hope that I make hers come true too. She continues to have several people follow her on Facebook, and she is actively involved with promotion of our breed and of horse adoption.

Thank you all for your kindness while I fought for her rights and the rights of her stable mates. You have all been so kind to me and my precious Aladina. We will continue to engage people in the breed.

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