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Meet the Winner of the 2017 FRP Year-End High Hour Trophy

Congratulations to Michelle Quirico, owner, operator and trainer at MQ Training, for winning the 2017 Year-End High Hour Trophy! This trophy is given to a rider who has logged the most hours by the end of the year in only non-competitive riding or driving in the Frequent Rider Program (FRP), sponsored by Awards Recognition Concepts. This is the second consecutive year a winner has received this trophy.

Bio courtesy of Michelle Quirico:

“I started riding horses at twelve and rode any horse offered to me. I eventually had the opportunity to ride a beautiful gray Arabian mare named Port Tiffany. I rode Tiffany every opportunity I could get and practically lived on her back. Her owners noticed my love, devotion and passion for Tiffany, and she was gifted to me. We traveled all over California competing at horse shows, trail riding, breed demonstrations and exploring beaches.

My love for Arabians sprouted because of this wonderful mare and because of her I became a horse trainer.

This year Tiff turned 33 years old. She is happy, nickers to me every morning and forever will be my heart horse.

Winning this trophy is the perfect symbolic reward for the many hours spent in the saddle working with my own horses and my clients’ horses.

Most of my logged FRP hours are acquired from training my younger Arabian mare, Secret Desiheir, for Western Dressage, and the hours in the saddle have paid off. In 2017, Secret earned Pacific Slope Reserve Champion and earned a Top Five at the Region 3 Sport Horse Championship Show in Western

Dressage. Although I show and train in many disciplines, Western Dressage is perfectly suited for Arabians because their brains, athleticism and versatility can be fully demonstrated. I’m very excited for Western Dressage and its gain in popularity. I can’t wait for the 2018 show season to start.

I can’t believe I logged 705.6 hours in the saddle to win the 2017 Year End High Hour Award. I didn’t know this award existed, and was focused on trying to earn my 10,000 hour FRP milestone. I’m getting close!

There’s nothing that can replace time in the saddle when it comes to training a horse, but the time flies when on an Arabian.”

About the Award

Eligibility is reserved for participants that are signed up and have paid the $25 processing fee to join the program through the Arabian Horse Association (AHA). Only non-competitive riding or driving hours, logged through the AHA website from January 1- December 31 of one calendar year, count towards the Year-End High Hour Award. All hours must be logged by January 15 of the following year in order to be counted towards the award. The winner will be announced by AHA and the trophy will be shipped to the winner. An individual can win the Year-End High Hour Trophy only once. “I’m very honored, I think it’s a great award to have for the Arabian breed, to keep track of those hours, and it’s great they [the winners] get an award for being out there working their horses,” Quirico said. If you or someone you know might be interested in participating in the Frequent Rider Program, visit and sign up today!

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