Get Your Barn Ready For Winter

It's fall and that means it's the perfect time to start planning for the colder, drafty days ahead. A simple inspection of your horse barn can help identify areas in need of maintenance to ensure your barn is in tip-top shape this winter.

Here's a Quick To Do List:

Check for Drafts - If your barn is older, check doors and windows and cover any holes that let in too much air.

Check Door Sizes - Check to make sure your barn end doors fit properly and provide plenty of coverage from side-to-side and from top-to-bottom.

Inspect Bulbs and Electrical Systems - Replace light bulbs and fix electrical issues now before it gets too cold and dark.

Focus on Your Feed Room - Clean up your feed room and make sure all grain is securely covered to help reduce the risk of rodents and insects.

Prepare Water Supply - Keep a close eye on water troughs and take measures to prevent the water from freezing.

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