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The summer show season is upon us!  And while it brings longer days and time for more shows, it also brings warmer weather and its own set of challenges for you and your horses.  Before everyone gets bogged down by the heat, let’s take some time to revisit some common...

June 13, 2019

Arabian horses have been the foundation of horse racing since the beginning. Horse racing is thought to have originated all the way back to the beginning of recorded history. It was a very popular sport in the Roman Empire and was also included in the ancient Greek Oly...

May 17, 2019

Whether you’re just starting out riding horses or you have been an equestrian for years, it’s always important to set goals for yourself as a rider. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to improve your riding skills.

For beginners:

If you are a beginner rider, it’s impo...

May 11, 2019

Packing for a horse show is always fun but a little stressful. You may be looking forward to a vacay with your horse, but on the other hand may be stressed about accidentally leaving something behind. Worry no further - keep reading along for a horse show packing guide...

If you missed Parts 1 and 2 of the Getting Started at AHA Shows series, covering the basic requirements and process of entering as well as abbreviations and disciplines, you can check them out on the Arabian Horse Life blog.

After plans are made and entries are mailed,...

April 25, 2019

If you missed Part 1 of the Getting Started at AHA Shows series, covering the basic requirements and process of entering, you can check it out on the Arabian Horse Life blog.

Horse show premium books and prize lists often use abbreviations. Though it can seem overwhelmi...

April 20, 2019

Weaning your foals can often be tiresome and tests your patience. This blog posts will look at a few necessary steps and considerations to undertake in order to prepare your foal for a safe weaning. The major factors to keep in mind during the weaning period are:


April 16, 2019

Entering the world of Arabian Horse breed shows can seem daunting, particularly if you’re an amateur without a trainer as a guide. Though there is some learning required to fully understand the classes offered, the rules, and how to enter, there are also a number of re...

April 4, 2019

Horses are beautiful animals and capturing the perfect photo of these gorgeous creatures is a must. There are many methods for getting the perfect photo of your horse, so keep reading along for some tips and tricks.

Make sure the horse’s ears are up in the photo so he l...

March 29, 2019

Whether you plan to breed, compete or enjoy Arabian horses for pleasure, a pedigree is a valuable tool that can help you understand more about your horse and their history. Each pedigree is a record that details the ancestors of a certain horse. In many cases an Arabia...

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