Horse Show Packing List

May 11, 2019


Packing for a horse show is always fun but a little stressful. You may be looking forward to a vacay with your horse, but on the other hand may be stressed about accidentally leaving something behind. Worry no further - keep reading along for a horse show packing guide.



As far as clothing goes, be sure to pack the essentials, such as jeans and shirts to wear each day of the show. Pack some practice clothes as well (maybe some riding pants and athletic tops) for lessons. Don’t forget to pack enough underwear and tall socks. Also, throw in some sports bras to wear under your show clothes. Optionally, pack a couple of dressier outfits for celebration dinners, photoshoots, or just fun dinners with your horse show friends. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of regular shoes along with your boots.


Show Clothes

Make sure to pack all of your showing attire - from hats to clothing, boots to spurs. It is helpful if you keep all of your horse show attire together in a large bin. Then, your trainer can haul your clothing in the horse trailer to and from shows which makes it a lot easier for you to travel (especially on an airplane).



Make sure to have all of your bun stuff together in a caboodle, or another storage container. Keep everything such as hairnets, bobby pins, bling, lapel pins, and more in this box so that you are less likely to lose any of these small items.



Your horse is an athlete that is performing extra hard for you - don’t forget to reward him with his favorite treat!

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