Spring Tips for Horse Owners

April 15, 2020


With spring underway, or rapidly approaching depending on your location, now is a great time to tackle some seasonal chores and get ready to enjoy one of equestrians’ favorite seasons.


A few simple steps can get your spring off to a great start and set you up for a successful year.

  • Schedule a spring check-up

Spring is a great time to schedule your horse’s annual check-up, including season specific vaccinations such as West Nile, and Coggins test if due, so you’re ready for the coming year.

  • Check pasture fences

As the green spring grass comes through, horses may be more likely to seek greener pasture and test fences. With everything thawing out, now is a great time to spend a day checking and repairing fences for peace of mind.

  • Check your trailer

Before heading out for those spring clinics and trails, it’s important to check your horse trailer for winter damage from the cold, salted roads, or sitting unused. From the floor to the lights, the tires and the bearings, giving your trailer some seasonal maintenance means you can head out with confidence to enjoy the warmer weather.

  • Clean and check tack ready for riding season

Maybe you rode all winter, or maybe your tack has gathered a little dust during the colder months - either way, now is a great time to pull everything out for a thorough clean, condition and safety check.

  • Plan an exercise program

If your equine partner has enjoyed being a pasture puff through winter, it’s a good time to devise a plan to bring them (and you) back to work slowly. If you’ve been riding year round, it’s also a good time to set some new goals and make a plan for riding in the warmer weather with the new opportunities and challenges this brings.

  • Launder winter blankets and store

With temperatures rising, soon it’s time to take the plunge and wash those winter blankets. Vacuum bags or totes can help keep them clean and fresh. Future you, and your horse, will thank you next fall.

  • Get ready to fight flies

With longer days and better weather comes our least favorite pest - flies. Last year's fly spray is probably depleted, and fly sheets may be dirty or in need of repairs. Now is a great time to get your fly gear in order and start some prophylaxis if you use a feed through supplement or Fly Predators.


Whether you and your horse are coming back from some time off, or just changing with the seasons, a little prep can help you both get the most from the warmer weather and enjoy all the good things we as equestrians love about spring.



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