Palm Beach Classic Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show

January 22, 2020


As the new year begins and schedules fill up again, horse-related shows and events start to rein in excited riders and the horses they have been working diligently to train.


The Palm Beach Classic Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show is entering its second year in Palm Beach, Fla., and it will take place at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. The facility contains “a large oversized covered arena, numerous outdoor arenas with great footing, over 100 spacious stalls, wash racks, lots of grassy areas for grazing and miles of trails,” according to the Palm Beach Classic Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show’s website. About 60 horses will be competing this year.


Marjorie Carr, the show manager, discussed why she thinks horse shows are so important to people.


“Working with animals teaches kids compassion,” Carr said. “Competing with horses teaches the values of hard work, focus, determination, drive, and sportsmanship. Involvement with horses and showing can open up many avenues for personal and professional opportunities.”


She added what she was anticipating for the upcoming show.


“We are hoping for a nice turnout, great weather and a few fun days for everyone,” Carr said.


The show goes from this Friday, January 24, to Sunday, January 26.


“The value I hope people take away is that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but if you always keep trying to improve, you will be successful,” Carr said. “Ride to win, but in the end, remember this is just about having fun with the animals we love.”


For more information and inquiries, visit their website here. Photos are used with the courtesy of the Palm Beach Classic Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show. 


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