Youth Spotlight: Kobe Pielow

January 31, 2019

The Arabian Sport Horse division focuses on the Arabian horse as an athlete, rewarding form to function. Eighteen-year-old Kobe Pielow is an avid lover of the Arabian horse and enjoys working with Arabian Sport Horses to compete in Dressage, In Hand, and Under Saddle classes.


(Emma) Tell us about yourself?


My name is Kobe Pielow. I am 18 years old and from Coatesville, Penn. I have shown Arabian horses since I was six years old beginning with Dressage and adding the Sport Horse discipline over the years. I also am starting to do working hunter.

I have only known Arabian horses for most of my life. My grandmother has been raising them for about 30 years. She has always been involved with trainers and teachers that have worked with Arabians, so when I rode my first horse it was a Crabbet Arabian gelding. I immediately fell in love with him. The rest is history.  

(Emma) Who are the special Arabian and Half-Arabian horses in your life and why?


It would have to start with that first gelding I rode. Amyr Ima Serafix+/ aka Spike. He was my first love. I rode him when I was six and had the opportunity to lease him in 2011 and ride him at the Grier School, as a summer camp counselor. Then there is Gold Reflection++// aka Flec. My Mommom used to own him and then gave him to a friend whose husband was deployed to Iraq. Even though she gave him away, I had the opportunity to ride and show him in Dressage and Sport Horse In Hand. We were Region 15 Champions in Sport Horse In Hand JTH.  I adore FR Hercules++++// aka Henry. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him at one of the regional shows. He is a GREAT working hunter horse and loves to eat bananas. And he is adorable!


Last but not least is the love of my life AAA Legend ofthe Seas+ aka Legend, a Crabbet Arabian gelding. My Mommom gave him to me for Christmas 2012 when he was ten. He is my best friend.  He is the one that I go to when I am sad and he is the reason I was homesick while away at camp. (He was at home in training.) He has been a great teacher to me, letting me know when I am doing things correctly and when I am not doing them correctly. We train in Dressage, and we compete also in Sport Horse Under Saddle. I like doing flat classes with him for a change of pace. Whether we are training or sitting in the grass, I love every minute I spend with Legend. I love him to the moon and back.  


(Emma) What are your goals short term, and long term with the Arabian horse?


Two years ago we started a new training method with Legend. He is learning how to relax and use his body more effectively. In doing that, I had to be re-trained. I had to learn to not use my hands so much and not be heavy on his mouth. I had to learn to use my seat and legs more. There has been such a difference in everything about Legend since incorporating these methods into his training. He is so happy. He is so soft. He will let you know if you use too much hand for sure. I had to go back to ground zero with my dressage training, and my short term goal is to achieve a championship at the East Coast Show before my youth years are over. I would like to start moving up in our dressage levels. I would also like to be competitive in sport horse under saddle.  


I am attending Kutztown University beginning fall 2018 and am studying to become a Special Education teacher with a focus in Autism support. This past year in my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to work in an Autistic support classroom with pre-school kids. My lifelong goal is to open a therapeutic riding barn for special needs kids using Arabian horses. Why Arabians you ask? Arabian horses have heart. They are loving. They are sensitive. They are intuitive.  They take care of their people. They are special.


(Emma) What would you say to someone your age who is thinking of making an Arabian his or her next horse?


Arabian horses get a bad reputation, but they are not crazy and wild. They are smart; sometimes smarter than their people. They have huge hearts. They love their people. After all, they lived in tents in the desert with Bedouins. They trust as they had to trust the Bedouins. They are versatile and can do many disciplines. They are beautiful. They make wonderful partners.


(Emma) Parent/Guardian, what has your experience of the Arabian horse as a Youth/Family horse been? Would you encourage other families to select the breed for their children/youths and why?


I was introduced to my first part-bred Arabian over 30 years ago. I have only owned predominately Crabbet Arabians. The first thing I was attracted to was how beautiful Arabian horses are. Over the years I learned just how loyal they can be to their people. They will do whatever you ask of them. At one point I owned a then stallion, Gold Reflection++//, and had no fear letting my very young toddler grandchildren go into his pasture with him.  They are versatile. The same horse can be ridden Western, English, can pull a cart, be ridden bareback, do trail, jump fences. Anything. They can do anything. Arabian horses would rather be in your back pocket than any place else. They have an awesome work ethic. They are smart. I was recently at a horse show where the 10 and under pleasure class had 14 entries - 14 entries. That is amazing, and people are recognizing that these animals are family horses.  


Congratulations Kobe on your many successes with the Arabian horse. Wishing you success with your dreams of opening a therapeutic riding barn and continuing to be a fantastic Arabian horse ambassador!





Kobe’s (age 6)  first time on Amyr Ima Serafix+/ aka Spike with teacher Chrystal Coffelt-Wood






Kobe doing a dressage test on Gold Reflection++// at a NJHAHA show.






Region 15 Champion – Gold Reflection++// (sport horse in hand)






Merry Christmas Kobe  - with AAA Legend ofthe Seas+ (2012)





All the hard work paid off with an awesome dressage test with AAA Legend ofthe Seas+ at the NJHAHA show.  Photo used with permission from Conklin Photography.






Kobe and AAA Legend ofthe Seas+ after a dressage test at the NJHAHA show.  Photo used with permission by Conklin Photography.






Kobe and AAA Legend ofthe Seas+ jumping at the Crabbet Celebration.  Used with permission from Dawn Jones-Low.





Kobe and Legend at the Crabbet Celebration.  Used with permission from Dawn Jones-Low.





Kobe’s graduation picture with AAA Legend ofthe Seas+.  A girl and her pony.

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