Region 9 Youth Organize Wild Fire Relief Fundraiser

January 15, 2019

I am extremely proud to share with you just how amazing our R9 youth really are. The Arabian horse industry should always be a place that both teaches and nurtures sportsmanship, compassion, leadership, humanity, and philanthropy. This group of R9 youth are the epitome of it all. Please read about how this group of young people made someone else's lives better in the wake of a tragedy.


The kids decided to raise money to benefit The North Valley Animal Disaster Group in Chico, California. The girls really wanted to do something to help with the California fires and the displaced horses and other animals. With the leadership of Jennifer Goslin and Crizta Goslin, they set a goal and got to work!


Suzanne Crull, Kenzie Roath (and brother Connor), Genna Bumgardner, Kennedy Morgan and Andie George all baked cookies, brownies, and horse treats. They agreed they would sell these 2/$1.00 and set a goal to raise $500.

They were allowed to put a few tables together at the entrance to the show arena at the Glenrose Shoot Out and all took turns selling items. When the girls were showing, Kenzie's little brother Connor spent the majority of the show working hard for sales! Not only did they reach their monetary goal, but they surpassed it and raised $700.


Norm at NVADG was very appreciative that they organized this event and especially thankful they chose them as the recipient. At the time of the donation (December 1, 2018) they had 1,600 animals in shelters that they were taking care of and they were still going behind fire lines looking for lost or injured animals. This money will help them tremendously! Norm left a voicemail for the girls that said, " Hi Kim (Kennedy's mom), my name is Norm and I was at the NVADG group in Chico Californaia and I wanted to thank Kennedy, McKenzie, and Suzanne for all of their hard work and raising money for the fire victims. It's really going to help us. I want them to know that we appreciate it and please thank them from all of us in California… and thank you Kim for raising such great kids, bye"


Each of the kids were asked this question: What was your favorite part about participating in this philanthropic event? And here are their answers!


Suzanne Crull: "I was happy to participate in the fundraiser knowing it was going to help horses that need it. Knowing it was going to a good cause is important to me was my favorite part of fundraising"


Kenzie Roath: "I would have to say my favorite part about participating in the wild fire charity was the fact that 100% of the proceeds we collected went to the horses in need of feed and shelter. It made me feel happy that I was able to help someone else through the charity"


Connor Roath: "My favorite part was selling cookie and brownies to others to raise money to help horses that were sick or in trouble. We had a lot of fun"


Genna Bumgardner: "My favorite part about doing the fundraiser was being able to do it with my friends and knowing that we are helping horses that are suffering"


Kennedy Morgan: "My favorite part was coming together and raising money for horses and other animals that were displaced, starved and unloved"


Andie George: "My favorite part was knowing horses were going to be saved"


A note from the R9 Youth Coordinators Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Annalise -


"We are so incredibly proud of you kids! Ya'll have big hearts and please know that your kindness and compassion for animals will never go unnoticed! Keep up the good work."


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